Hello Ramadan! Community Potluck Iftar @ Impact Hub Baltimore

Hello Ramadan!

Community Interfaith Potluck Iftar @ Impact Hub Baltimore

Join us as we discuss the significance of observing the fast of Ramadan. All are welcome to learn about how and why Muslims fast during Ramadan. This workshop will emphasize the importance of building family and community life. The workshop will be facilitated by Muslim Social Entrepreneurs, Karim Amin and Kieta Iriarte-Amin. This couple of 14 years has been dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to develop and promote the Urban Muslim experience for over a decade. The event will include a Special presentation by NLife, an organization that strengthens community life by identifying and providing beneficial resources, recreational activities, and social events for working class individuals, couples and families.

This potluck event will include a Special tasting menu provided by Aleppo Kitchen. (Catering company founded by Syrian Refugees, fiscally supported by Muslim Social Services Agency)

*No pork dishes

  • Category: Ramadan 2017
  • Date: June 15, 2017
  • Location: Impact Hub Baltimore 10 East North Avenue Baltimore, MD 21202

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